Denim style and fashion tips!


As Fashion bloggers and social media influencers , we constantly keep on out doing our selves, Well most of us.

We try bringing a new perspective for are readers and are constantly trying to improve.

Fashion is extremely subjective and yet a very sensitive topic to talk about to able to reach out to the mass. I have always tried creating looks for my readers so that they can connect to it on a certain level and even if 1% of my target audience is happy and inspired , I feel my job as an influencer is complete with every look that I create.

l love women fashion bags from 4bag ( tsantes gynaikeies ).

Fashion for me is not about chasing the trends as you never know when that particular trend that you were chasing after goes out of fashion and you are left with pieces of disappointments in your closet. Saying so I know how we as girls most often try sticking to clothes which we are comfortable with and not try new styles, but I  would like to change that and motivate you all to try new styles and trends, go for mix and match, Denim on denim , like we have done it on this blog post.

Making new hair styles and trying on a different style always makes you feel different and you end up looking amazing. Ordinary is boring and who wants to be boring right?
So take a leap of faith and try new things, a different style that you have never worn before and see how it changes the way you think.

This is a denim on denim look that we created, we kept it minimal yet very high street, check it out.




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