department public

Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works

104  Watertower Drive

Brownville, N.Y.   13615

Phone :(315)782-7916

Bill Pickett – Superintendent of Public Works

Steve Mott – Motor Equipment Operator

Jody Youngs – Laborer


New Residents

Please contact the village office with your Name and Address so we may update our files.

Village Water Rates as of 6/1/2016           Sewer Rate as of 6/1/2013

First 5,000 gal./$25.00                            $1.75 of water

Every 1000 gal. after / $3.00

Refuse Charge as of 6/1/2016


Outside Water Rates as of 6/1/2016

Based on DANC rate per 1,000 gal.           DANC Rate as of 6/1/2016

$2.27/1,000 gals.                                   $37.00