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Local Businesses

Brownville Post Office                                          Brownville-Glen Park Library
118 Brown Blvd..                                                216 Brown Blvd.
Brownville, N.Y.                                                  Brownville, N.Y.  13615
Phone:(315)788-3390                                         Phone:(315)788-7889

Brownville American Legion                                 Brownville Fire Dept.
101 Washington Street                                       121 Brown Blvd.
Brownville,N.Y. 13615                                        Brownville, N.Y. 13615
Phone:(315)782-5380                                        Phone:(315)782-7220
General Brown Central                                        Town Of Brownville
School District                                                    16431 Star School Rd.
PO Box 500                                                        ​Dexter, N.Y.  13634
Dexter, N.Y.  13634​                                            Ph:(315)639-6266
Immaculate Conception Church                            Town of Brownville Assessor
PO Box 99                                                          Christine Thurston 
Brownville, N.Y.  13615                                       16431 Star School Rd.
Ph:(315)782-1143                                              Dexter, N.Y.    13634 
www.ImmaculateConceptionBrownville.org            Ph:(315)639-3037

Brownville United Methodist Church                      
307 Brown Blvd.                                                  
Brownville, N.Y. 13615                                         

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