Ethanol isn’t as green as you might think, researchers say

Ethanol isn't as green as you might think, researchers say

Ethanol isn’t as green as you might think, researchers say

Home Baseload Ethanol isn’t as green as you might think, researchers say

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10 reasons couples stop having sex

10 reasons couples stop having sex

10 reasons couples stop having sex

Talking about intimacy and sex is difficult for many couples. The first step in improving a couple’s love life is to understand why they stopped.

Sex is the most sensitive issue of all. Even those who disclose any kind of personal information often remain silent when it comes to their sex life. This is a particularly difficult issue for couples, as escorts in athens claim who have stopped having sex.

Often partners are reluctant to turn to each other and discuss it. They are afraid of both what they may hear and what they may not hear.

In an effort to help those who are afraid to approach this issue, a psychologist has compiled a list of the most common reasons why couples stop having sex. The list is based on the experiences of all those who had the courage to speak openly about it in the sessions with her.

These are the 10 reasons why couples stop having sex

  1. They are afraid of what they will hear. People are afraid that they will learn that their partner no longer finds them attractive. They may also be afraid that their partner is having sex with others outside the relationship. There is also the fear that they will be replaced and abandoned. With all these fears, it is easy to understand why no one asks questions.
  2. They become partners. The relationship may have turned into a partnership in which the partners work together to maintain a lifestyle that they both want or need. Love and sexuality may have left this deal long ago. The couple can talk about money, but not about sex.
  3. Exhaustion. You all know this reason and how it affects sexual desire. Between work and caring for children, or even elderly parents, sex is at the bottom of the list of priorities. It can be difficult to even think about sex if you have no energy left.
  4. They do not feel good about their body. Over the years, the body changes. It can be the result of age, lack of exercise, health issues or lifestyle in general. Whatever the reason, someone who feels bad about their body usually finds it difficult to stay naked in front of a partner who has seen him in better shape.
  5. Discomfort during sex. This can happen to anyone, but it is most often heard by women who grow up and worry about dryness and pain during sex. Many are reluctant to discuss it with their gynecologist because of embarrassment or shame.
  6. Boring. Quite simply, the lack of something new and the same sexual routine may no longer be attractive.
  7. Lack of trust after infidelity. You may have reconciled with your partner after infidelity. However, trust is still an issue that stands between you. Who wants to feel vulnerable to someone they do not trust?
  8. Poor hygiene. Your partner may have stopped taking care of their personal hygiene before going to bed. This is both a repulsive and a sensitive issue.
  9. Anger. That speaks for itself. Someone who feels angry with their partner is unlikely to want physical intimacy. It is important for couples to resolve anger issues, otherwise they will affect many areas of their life together. Sex life is likely to be affected very badly.
  10. Conflicting parenting styles of children. One partner is strict and the other more tolerant. If they constantly disagree on how to raise children, it is unlikely that they will want to give in to the activity that created them.

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Optus loses NBN download-speed crown in surprise upset

Optus loses NBN download-speed crown in surprise upset

Optus has typically been the top performer in the Australian consumer watchdog’s broadband reporting, but its latest study shows that Optus has been beaten by a surprise internet provider.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) latest report shows that Exetel has overtaken Optus in the average download speed measurement, beating its advertised plan speeds by 3.3% during the peak busy hours, and 4.5% across all times.

Optus still performed well though, and it wasn’t too far behind Exetel. Its NBN plans reached 100% of its rated average download speed during the peak usage period, and exceeded it by 0.8% during all times.

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3 ways to clean pipes

3 ways to clean pipes

3 ways to clean pipes

If there is an obstruction in the house, there are two ways of dealing with it. The first is to call a plumber like Apofraxeis Anagnostou, the second is to tackle the problem yourself.

The second way is cheaper and faster. And the materials for cleaning pipes are the usual soda and vinegar.

Where does the pipe wear out most often?

In the first place among the most common parts of the blockage is any pipe near a sink. Fatty and food residues are regularly obstructed in the pipes. The filter grids in the sink, of course, save the situation, but the barrier can happen occasionally.

The pipe in the bathroom sink is the second place in the cleaning frequency. Turn off the sewer in this area “try to collect” the hair that remains after washing your head.

And only in the third place in the dams is the toilet drain. Accidents occur in this area if the rules for using the toilet are violated. Bags, baby diapers, toiletries, plastic bags in the bowl can clog the pipes.

You should pay attention to the following rule: if the water does not reach the pipe completely, and you have never cleaned the sewer before, it is better to call Apofraxeis Anagnostou. With small clogs, it will be easier to manage it yourself.

Soda and vinegar – the first way to clean pipes

This purification method is remarkable in that the solution is prepared in the tube itself. Act strictly according to the instructions:

  1. Half a cup of plain baking soda is poured into the sink.
  2. Take the vinegar in the same amount and also send it to the sink.
  3. The drain hole should be closed with a cap and not allowed to enter the drainage system, as there will be a chemical reaction. It takes about two hours to wait.
  4. After the time has matured in the tube, pour the hot boiling water. We have to wait a while.

This is such an easy way to clear the blockage in the pipe. Strictly pay attention to the proportions, do not take vinegar in a larger volume.

The second way to clean the pipes with soda

Clean the drain hole of debris. First, by hand, and then by adding boiling water (you need about a liter). It is necessary to wait 20-30 minutes.

The pipe must then be cleaned with a plunger. After that, soda is taken. A glass of soda is diluted with boiling water (1:3), this mixture is poured into the drain hole.

The method is quite effective, but a strong block requires overlap. However, it is also good that it is also possible to disinfect the sewer system.

The third way to get rid of the barrier with salt

In addition to soda for this type of cleaning you will need more salt. Salt and soda are mixed in a glass in different proportions. This mixture is sent to the sink. The tube is filled with boiling water, preferably at night.

Cleaning the sink with soda and vinegar

These components are used to clean the shell, this process must be painted separately:

  • To properly clean the sink, it must first be washed, dried. The walls must be completely dry.
  • A half glass of soda is poured into the drain hole so that the soda does not remain on the surface, can be helped with a cotton swab – so it will soon be inside.
  • Take vinegar, pour half a glass into the sink.
  • After two minutes, the hot water is drained into the same hole.
  • The tap opens and water leakage control takes place – you have to wait until it reaches the sewer system completely, without stagnation.

Vinegar and soda can perfectly clean the tubes, sometimes some ingredient is replaced with lemon, but without this effect, it will be obvious.

Prevention methods

Apofraxeis Anagnostou Experts advise not to miss precautionary measures, so as not to clog the sewer system. It’s just:

  • From time to time, you will have to disassemble the pipes and wash them carefully.
  • Once a week, turn on the tap and rinse the system with warm water – this prevents the appearance of grease.
  • Use vinegar and baking soda as a preventative tool (at least once a year, so you can clean the pipes carefully).
  • Do not forget the plastic mesh filters. They look like small plastic grilles or a more durable material, which is worn directly in the drain.
  • Make sure that food waste does not fall into the sink – with large permanent blockages, it will not be possible to clean the pipes either with vinegar, soda or tools from the store.


Technical blockages can lead to serious consequences, causing an accident not only for you but also for your neighbors. Precautions will be cheap and will not even address the blocking problems. Therefore, even if the problem of clogging of the pipes is not worth it, vinegar and soda can not be hidden, but are used as a warning.

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Work starts on New York’s first offshore wind project

Work starts on New York's first offshore wind project

Work starts on New York’s first offshore wind project

Home News Work starts on New York’s first offshore wind project

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Twitter outage: down briefly, but the service is now back

Twitter outage: down briefly, but the service is now back


Uh oh…

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Error reports on the up

The folks over at Downdetector are reporting a huge surge in error reports with Twitter, so this certainly looks to be a relatively widespread issue.

A screenshot of Downdetector showing Twitter outages

(Image credit: Downdetector)

Profile pages the main casualty

Interestingly, the main Twitter feed is working for us, so we can see what people are tweeting, but clicking on any profiles returns the failure to load message.

We’re seeing other Twitter users reporting the issue too.

See more

A global issue

This issue looks to be wide-spread, with reports from users in multiple countries around the world saying they are struggling to access the social network.

There are a variety of different reported issues as well, with some users not able to load profiles on desktop, while others are reporting issues with retweeting, the main feed and individual tweets.

Service being restored

Profile pages are beginning to load for us now, albeit slowly. Twitter may have fixed this one quickly.

Normal service is resumed

Well that was fun. Merry Tweeting, all!

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Indiana Michigan Power outlines plan to add more than 2 GW of wind, solar

Indiana Michigan Power outlines plan to add more than 2 GW of wind, solar

Indiana Michigan Power outlines plan to add more than 2 GW of wind, solar

Home News Indiana Michigan Power outlines plan to add more than 2 GW of…

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Cheap NBN plans compared | TechRadar

Cheap NBN plans compared | TechRadar

The number of internet options available to the average Aussie is getting to the point of being overwhelming, especially if you’re just after a cheap NBN plan.

When shopping around for an internet plan, you’ll notice that most NBN providers offer a six-month discount when you first sign up, and this is a great way to get a cheap deal. An affordable internet plan isn’t always a good one though, particularly if it only comes with a limited amount of data.

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