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What makes Santorini red wine taste so excellent?


If it’s not quickly evident what a German Riesling, a Greek island white, a Chilean red, and a Sicilian pour from the inclines of Mount Etna share… A Toronto-based wine pro more than happy to connect the dots in his acclaimed new book. Visit Santorini and book Santorini private tours and taste the most famous wines worldwide!

In January, master sommelier John Szabo won the André Simon honour, in the classification of beverages, for his book “Volcanic Wines: Salt, Grit as well as Power.” The handsome quantity faced stiff competitors at the yearly event. It was held in London, named for the French-born wine seller, author and taste maker André Louis Simon. It’s simple to see what mesmerized the judges. Guide provides a scholarly yet extremely readable work based upon an engaging organizing concept. Red wines hailing from places shaped by volcanic activity.

Szabo, the initial Canadian to make the desirable difference of master sommelier in 2004, has actually been thinking of this classification for some time. Five years back, estimated in Wine & Spirits publication, he talked about a head-turning initial encounter with the unique glass of wines of Santorini. That led him to check out around the world crafted from volcanic landscapes.

Wine tasting experience in Santorini

In his book, he keeps in mind that there are hundreds of various soil types suitable the “volcanic” descriptor. He’s speaking about dirt, and the geology under, developed by tectonics and volcanism of the ancient past along with the energetic present. While it’s simple to consider Sicily’s Mount Etna, still active, as fitting the category. It’s less instinctive to relate to Germany’s Nahe developed by volcanic flows from regarding 300 million years earlier in this way. Area by area, the writer takes the visitor on a world trip, explaining how these particular dirts contribute to quality wine.

Normally, a red wine’s terroir, the totality of its expanding environment, has to do with more than the dirt and bedrock beneath a vineyard. Szabo is quick to explain it as a complicated system.

Variables composing terroir include:

  • environment
  • topography
  • microbial input
  • human hand

He also recognizes that the scientific research connecting elements of terroir with wine taste is still in its infancy. The volcanic white wines all over the world share a number of sensory characteristics. These include a mouthwatering high quality, a salty-savoury account frequently referred to as minerality. Also a “company however transparent” density that he considers unmistakable. He welcomes enthusiasts to experience these high qualities by dipping into his listing of advised producers at the end of each chapter.

Because most of the bottles he states stand for single-vineyard and various other higher-tier glass of wines. A budget-conscious lover might wonder whether his set of taste characteristics appear in these winemakers’ more modestly valued pours. Examples do not dissatisfy. Each opens up a door to further consideration concerning exactly how volcanic activity, both previous and also present, has actually concerned shape what’s in the glass.

Gaia “Wild FermentSantorini Assyrtiko 2015 Earthy as well as poignant on the nose, this distinct white from the Greek island of Santorini is fermented with indigenous yeast found on the grapes. In the mouth, salty-savoury and also mineral notes dominate, with ripe fruit under.

Undersea wine ageing experiments of Santorini shore

Imagine a metal cage filled with bottles of white wine, with two buoys attached, being delicately hauled by a watercraft off the southeastern coastline of Santorini. Then, it is gradually decreased to the seabed. And also there it continues to be, at a deepness of 25 meters, for 5 years, a momentary tourist attraction for the animals of the deep.

Among the divers managing the procedure is Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, oenologist as well as doctor of oenology at the University of Bordeaux II. He is also one of the owners of Gaia Wines, in addition to Leon Karatsalos.

When we asked him why an effective winery with excellent sales and international awards determined to embark on such an aquatic experience, he stated: “It’s not an experience, it’s a challenge, and also part of a broader global experiment right into ageing gewurztraminers, which in Greece is being performed with Santorini’s Assyrtiko.” However why undersea? “Because there the ageing happens without oxygen and light, with a constant temperature for as long as is needed,” he replies.

Generally, excellent ideas do not originate from nowhere. It has not been that time out of mind oenologists began searching for an alternative means of ageing wine without oxygen interfering at the same time. There are currently 10 wineries worldwide trying out undersea a glass of wine ageing. One in South Carolina, et cetera in Spain, Italy, France and Greece.

2 years earlier, the famous French vineyard Veuve Clicquot created its “Cellar Under the Sea“. It sunk 300 regular bottles of champagne and 50 magnums of the stuff in the icy waters of the Baltic. A similar example is being aged in the storages of the winery in Reims. Bottles from both the cellars and the seabed will certainly be examined in parallel every two years for the following 50 years. This is to establish the life time of sparkling wine aged in various problems.

When did Santorini’s idea for sea ageing emerge?

The idea for the experiment emerged a couple of years ago after the exploration of a shipwreck that sank off the coast of Finland in around 1840. While moving Veuve Clicquot champagne to Russia. A complete 46 bottles were recovered intact, and though they were aged for more than a century, they had an impressive quality, according to specialists.

But it appears the sea is not the limit. In 2015 the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery in Japan revealed strategies to send out containers of whisky into room. To carry out a two-year research study on exactly how ageing is impacted by the overall lack of gravity.

A quick search on the web exposes numerous posts connecting to the problem old alcoholic beverages in the lack of oxygen. There are naturally sceptics that question whether the experiment is an attention feat without compound.

” This is not concerning advertising and marketing,” said Yiannis Paraskevopoulos when we began talking about Thalassitis Submerged, as the traditional Gaia Thalassitis aged in the sea is called.

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His own final thoughts after contrasting the Thalassitis Submerged with the same wine aged traditionally is really positive. Although this is an aged white, it has a brilliant, vivid shade and also keeps its crisp aroma. The taste is also elder and rounded than its land-aged counterpart and with no trace of oxidation.

In a meeting, Jim “Bear” Dyke Jr, the president of California’s Mira Winery, which immerses white wines in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, said: “There is no doubt that the sea holds a possible present to white wine.”

During the initial year of the Greek experiment, in 2009, 500 containers of Thalassitis immersed. Only 3 of those did efficiently recuperate since a storm swept away the cage. They put the following harvest at a deeper factor, so it would certainly be much less revealed to the climate. When visiting Santorini take a wine and local food daily tour!

However, due to the increased pressure, numerous corks popped out. In August they recuperated the batch sunk in 2011, of which 211 bottles took place sale. At the same time, they immersed the set for 2015, which they will certainly examine in 2020. Therefore the experiment continues.

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