Twitter outage: down briefly, but the service is now back

Twitter outage: down briefly, but the service is now back


Uh oh…

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Error reports on the up

The folks over at Downdetector are reporting a huge surge in error reports with Twitter, so this certainly looks to be a relatively widespread issue.

A screenshot of Downdetector showing Twitter outages

(Image credit: Downdetector)

Profile pages the main casualty

Interestingly, the main Twitter feed is working for us, so we can see what people are tweeting, but clicking on any profiles returns the failure to load message.

We’re seeing other Twitter users reporting the issue too.

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A global issue

This issue looks to be wide-spread, with reports from users in multiple countries around the world saying they are struggling to access the social network.

There are a variety of different reported issues as well, with some users not able to load profiles on desktop, while others are reporting issues with retweeting, the main feed and individual tweets.

Service being restored

Profile pages are beginning to load for us now, albeit slowly. Twitter may have fixed this one quickly.

Normal service is resumed

Well that was fun. Merry Tweeting, all!

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