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What to consider when choosing a web hosting company

What to consider when choosing a web hosting company

When it comes to choosing a web hosting company, there are many things you need to take into account. In this article, we will go over some of the most critical factors you need to consider when making your decision. We hope that after reading this, you can make an informed decision on which company is right for you. 

How to choose the best web hosting provider for you 

Choosing the best web hosting provider for your needs can be daunting, especially if you are not familiar with the different types of web hosting available. To help you, we have compiled a list of things to look for when choosing a web hosting provider.

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Goodbye, Internet Explorer. Thanks for the memories (and the malware)

Goodbye, Internet Explorer. Thanks for the memories (and the malware)

The end of an era is upon us, as Internet Explorer is finally retired after more than 26 years of service, both good and bad.

Announced last year, the official retirement of Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022, comes 26 years and 10 months (9,801 days, to be exact) after its release on August 15, 1995, back when the public-facing Internet was in its infancy.

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Forget the metaverse, the Meetaverse is where your next meeting might be at

Forget the metaverse, the Meetaverse is where your next meeting might be at

Walking around my own private convention hall, marveling at my own mostly minuscule accomplishments, I thought, “I could get used to hanging out here in the Meetaverse.”

Nope, that’s not a misspelling. Meetaverse, from Allseated, is a browser-based 3D meeting platform. Meetaverse builds these bespoke 3D spaces for conferences, companies, and meetings. Or it will, after the platform launches this week. The company told me it already has a catalog of hundreds of venues that they’ve 3D scanned and rendered and 10,000 3D objects they can drop into the 3D environment. 

(Image credit: Future)

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New report reveals the fastest mobile Internet – is it your carrier?

New report reveals the fastest mobile Internet - is it your carrier?

Ookla has released its Q1 2022 internet speeds report for the United States and revealed that T-Mobile has the best mobile connectivity among all providers with Verizon being the best in broadband.

Ookla is the company behind Speedtest and they judge on three main categories: speed, latency, and consistency alongside regional and 5G performance.

Top mobile speeds for the US

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Optus loses NBN download-speed crown in surprise upset

Optus loses NBN download-speed crown in surprise upset

Optus has typically been the top performer in the Australian consumer watchdog’s broadband reporting, but its latest study shows that Optus has been beaten by a surprise internet provider.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) latest report shows that Exetel has overtaken Optus in the average download speed measurement, beating its advertised plan speeds by 3.3% during the peak busy hours, and 4.5% across all times.

Optus still performed well though, and it wasn’t too far behind Exetel. Its NBN plans reached 100% of its rated average download speed during the peak usage period, and exceeded it by 0.8% during all times.

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Twitter outage: down briefly, but the service is now back

Twitter outage: down briefly, but the service is now back


Uh oh…

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Error reports on the up

The folks over at Downdetector are reporting a huge surge in error reports with Twitter, so this certainly looks to be a relatively widespread issue.

A screenshot of Downdetector showing Twitter outages

(Image credit: Downdetector)

Profile pages the main casualty

Interestingly, the main Twitter feed is working for us, so we can see what people are tweeting, but clicking on any profiles returns the failure to load message.

We’re seeing other Twitter users reporting the issue too.

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A global issue

This issue looks to be wide-spread, with reports from users in multiple countries around the world saying they are struggling to access the social network.

There are a variety of different reported issues as well, with some users not able to load profiles on desktop, while others are reporting issues with retweeting, the main feed and individual tweets.

Service being restored

Profile pages are beginning to load for us now, albeit slowly. Twitter may have fixed this one quickly.

Normal service is resumed

Well that was fun. Merry Tweeting, all!

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Cheap NBN plans compared | TechRadar

Cheap NBN plans compared | TechRadar

The number of internet options available to the average Aussie is getting to the point of being overwhelming, especially if you’re just after a cheap NBN plan.

When shopping around for an internet plan, you’ll notice that most NBN providers offer a six-month discount when you first sign up, and this is a great way to get a cheap deal. An affordable internet plan isn’t always a good one though, particularly if it only comes with a limited amount of data.

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Ransomware: What are the basic rules to protect yourself

Ransomware: What are the basic rules to protect yourself

Ransomware is a type of malware that locks a device, encrypts content on the device or web hosting and then blackmails the user to pay a ransom to regain access to its content.

And of course, devices are not just cell phones and computers, they are servers and the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, in case of ransomware infection (and non-existent or non-functional backups), the company loses access to, for example, invoices and customers.

This form of attack may temporarily interrupt the company’s work or production process. Depending on the business or organization, the ransomware attack is likely to have consequences for its customers , which may eventually lead them to turn to a competitor.

According to ESET , companies often consider ransomware to be the biggest security problem. However, this is not necessarily because ransomware attacks are more common than other forms of cyber-attack, but because such attacks are often widely publicized.

Thus, even someone who has never experienced an ransomware attack can realize that such cyber attacks pose a serious threat.

How does Ransomware get into the PC?

The most common way an ransomware attacks a computer is through phishing, in which “suspicious” emails are sent to users, camouflaged in newsletters from banks or other entities, with attachments, url links and text.

In such a case, the ransomware infects the PC the moment the user decides to install the “unknown” program requested! With the installation, the user gives the program permission to gain administrator access and therefore complete control of the device.

* More aggressive hosting programs – such as  NotPetya  – take advantage of vulnerabilities in the operating system and attack the system without requiring user access.

Files appear as “inaccessible” and can only be restored by providing the decryption key held by the ransomware developer.

Another way of cheating is when the victim receives a notification from a Security Agency (eg Police, Cybercrime Prosecution, etc.) to be fined for violating the law by engaging in illegal online activities, such as the presence of pornographic software, software. etc. In this way, the perpetrators “persuade” the users much easier to repay the price and automatically avoid the alleged denunciation of their action to the Authorities.

In the same context, in order to immediately pay the ransom “hostage” and at the same time to silence this criminal act, the perpetrators resort to the so-called leakware or doxware, in which sensitive personal data of the user is stolen, threatening to be made public, if not the necessary amount is deposited.

Who is at risk from the “hostage” of files and data?

Perpetrators usually select their victims, based on the security strength of the system. An educational institution may not have invested time and money in setting up an impregnable security wall for its digital activities, which include a large volume of files and data that are distributed throughout the day.

In addition, organizations that have a large amount of sensitive information – such as government agencies, medical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, law firms, etc. – in case of “hostage” of their data, they are more likely to mobilize to repay the price, for their immediate security.

Email remains the most common form of ransomware infection

While ransomware infection often starts with a click on a suspicious link or fake invoice, ESET has found that email remains the most common method of distribution in a two-step process, with a download program delivered first, followed by ransomware as secondary infection.

The need to raise employee awareness about safety

It is not clear whether successful ransomware attacks are due to the ability of the attackers or the negligence of employees. Some types of ransomware are highly sophisticated, while others are not.

The risk of ransomware infection is one of the many reasons why companies should focus on educating their employees on cybersecurity so they know what links to click and what to do if they have already done so. some security mistake.

Unequal distribution of investments in security issues

Some companies spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on various advanced security solutions, but not a few thousand more on well-trained staff who will be responsible for developing and managing network security measures.

Instead, companies often choose to acknowledge that there are security vulnerabilities and make this decision because they do not expect to be attacked by ransomware.

The basic rules to follow

According to ESET, the basic rules you need to follow to avoid data loss are:

  • Make frequent backups of your data and keep at least one full backup offline.
  • Keep all your software – including operating systems – repaired and up to date.

However, holistic coverage should be the first goal of any comprehensive cyber security strategy. This starts with a reliable and multi-layered endpoint protection solution , followed by continuous maintenance and best security practices.

FOR HISTORY: In 1989, the first ransomware attack was carried out with… the postman


The first documented case of ransomware occurred in 1989. It was called the AIDS Trojan and spread through thousands of floppy disks sent by mail. These diskettes reported that they contained a database of AIDS and the risk factors associated with the disease.

In fact, the floppy disks contained malware, which disabled users’ access to much of the contents of the hard disk. The AIDS Trojan demanded a ransom (or, as the message called it, a “license payment”) of $ 189, which was to be sent to a post office box in Panama. Responsible for this ransomware was considered Dr. Joseph Popp.

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UK’s cheapest fibre broadband deal just got even cheaper

UK's cheapest fibre broadband deal just got even cheaper

With Christmas looming you probably have things you’d rather be thinking about right now than broadband deals. But if your current contract just came to an end or you’ve noticed that you’re paying through the teeth for a rolling agreement, it’s worth spending a few brief minutes to check out Vodafone’s latest offer.

Sign up to the company’s Superfast 1 plan now, and all you’ll have to pay is a mere £19 per month. Nothing upfront, no delivery or connection charges – just monthly bills of less than £20 to secure average fibre speeds of 38Mb.

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Indian exporters all set to board Amazon’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales

Indian exporters all set to board Amazon's Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales

More than 70,000 Indian exporters, who are part of Amazon India’s ‘Global Selling program’, will showcase millions of ‘Made in India’ products customers world-wide during the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) sale. 

According to Amazon India, the country’s exporters are launching over 52,000 new products on Amazon’s global websites for the upcoming holiday season. Also, to make things easy for sellers in India, Amazon Global Selling has introduced language support for them in Hindi and Tamil 

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