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Foul Septic Smell? Consider These Options


Foul septic smell or sewage smell is just about the worst odor you can come by.  Somehow it just stays with you.  You can drive away from a home with a septic smell problem and the odor will remain with you for minutes, it can even feel like you can taste it.  Ugh.  It is some nasty stuff.

While the smell is repugnant, what it indicates can also make your stomach turn.  A clogged septic system ( ydravlikos )or a backed-up drain field can be a very expensive problem to fix.  If left unattended, the problem can compound to the point of system failure, a cost that can run as high as $15,000.  If you are currently dealing with septic smell or other septic tank problems there are a few things to consider before you do anything.

  1.  Become Determined.  You need to decide right now to fix the problem.  Septic smell can be one of the first indications that you have a serious septic problem on your hands.  You will need to deal with this, but before you rush into anything take some time think things through.
  2. What do You Know.  You do not need to be an expert in plumbing to solve your septic problem, and you want to at least have a basic understanding of how your septic system works before you pick up the phone, or start spending money in any way.  Do some research online, read articles like this one and reviews, get an initial understanding of your options.
  3. Prepare to Be Sold.  If you choose to call a contractor, who will undoubtedly tell you that you must replace this or that part of your system, realize that they get paid by replacing parts of your septic system.  Their advice is in complete conflict of interest.  It’s like asking a used car salesman if the car is reliable.  There is only one answer, understand?  Doesn’t mean that replacing the system won’t solve your problems, it will. It’s a new system, but if you are going to spend $10,000 don’t you want to make sure that you HAVE to?
  4. Review Septic Treatments.  There are high quality septic treatments on the market that can restore septic systems and do so at an impressive speed.  In some instances these septic treatments can save homeowners thousands of dollars due to the fact that the most concentrated treatments sell for only a few hundred dollars compared to the cost of having septic system repairs done.  Use your common sense, if you think these septic treatments can do the trick and save the day…go for it.  In many cases trying something for a few hundred dollars to rule it out as an option, is also a cost effective approach.
  5. Talk it Over.  Before you make any decision talk it over with someone.  Usually a loved one or a family member is aware of the situation.  Before you make a decision, talk it over, explain why it is that you think your choice is the right one.  Two heads are better than one, making decisions after a some consideration and conversation, you often feel better about your approach.
  6. Stay the Course.  Once you have decided, act and stay the course.  If a septic treatment is both a shock and a maintenance program, then make sure you are disciplined in your applications.  Trying a treatment and then 3 days later expecting results is not how they work, see it through.  If you opted to replace your system, don’t waffle on getting it done, make the call and move on.  Be sure to maintain your new system with a monthly additive to prevent future damage from occurring.

What you decide about restoring your septic system is up to you.  Chances are you are not going to wrong either way you look.  New systems are new and they work well, they are just expensive.  If you need to examine more affordable septic treatment options then do so, but don’t let price be the only decision maker.  Sometimes quality costs a bit more, septic treatment is not the time to cut corners.