10 reasons couples stop having sex

10 reasons couples stop having sex

10 reasons couples stop having sex

Talking about intimacy and sex is difficult for many couples. The first step in improving a couple’s love life is to understand why they stopped.

Sex is the most sensitive issue of all. Even those who disclose any kind of personal information often remain silent when it comes to their sex life. This is a particularly difficult issue for couples, as escorts in athens claim who have stopped having sex.

Often partners are reluctant to turn to each other and discuss it. They are afraid of both what they may hear and what they may not hear.

In an effort to help those who are afraid to approach this issue, a psychologist has compiled a list of the most common reasons why couples stop having sex. The list is based on the experiences of all those who had the courage to speak openly about it in the sessions with her.

These are the 10 reasons why couples stop having sex

  1. They are afraid of what they will hear. People are afraid that they will learn that their partner no longer finds them attractive. They may also be afraid that their partner is having sex with others outside the relationship. There is also the fear that they will be replaced and abandoned. With all these fears, it is easy to understand why no one asks questions.
  2. They become partners. The relationship may have turned into a partnership in which the partners work together to maintain a lifestyle that they both want or need. Love and sexuality may have left this deal long ago. The couple can talk about money, but not about sex.
  3. Exhaustion. You all know this reason and how it affects sexual desire. Between work and caring for children, or even elderly parents, sex is at the bottom of the list of priorities. It can be difficult to even think about sex if you have no energy left.
  4. They do not feel good about their body. Over the years, the body changes. It can be the result of age, lack of exercise, health issues or lifestyle in general. Whatever the reason, someone who feels bad about their body usually finds it difficult to stay naked in front of a partner who has seen him in better shape.
  5. Discomfort during sex. This can happen to anyone, but it is most often heard by women who grow up and worry about dryness and pain during sex. Many are reluctant to discuss it with their gynecologist because of embarrassment or shame.
  6. Boring. Quite simply, the lack of something new and the same sexual routine may no longer be attractive.
  7. Lack of trust after infidelity. You may have reconciled with your partner after infidelity. However, trust is still an issue that stands between you. Who wants to feel vulnerable to someone they do not trust?
  8. Poor hygiene. Your partner may have stopped taking care of their personal hygiene before going to bed. This is both a repulsive and a sensitive issue.
  9. Anger. That speaks for itself. Someone who feels angry with their partner is unlikely to want physical intimacy. It is important for couples to resolve anger issues, otherwise they will affect many areas of their life together. Sex life is likely to be affected very badly.
  10. Conflicting parenting styles of children. One partner is strict and the other more tolerant. If they constantly disagree on how to raise children, it is unlikely that they will want to give in to the activity that created them.

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